Embraer CEO: New Buyers Changing Bizjet Market Dynamics

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  • A statement from the Pentagon on the U.S military casualties

The increase in first-time buyers, the pandemic, and younger wealth is changing the dynamics of the aircraft industry, Michael Amalfitano, president and CEO of Embraer Executive Jets, said this morning during the opening day of Corporate Jet Investor Miami 2021. “You have to recognize and embrace what’s happening,” Amalfitano said, in particular with “who’s flying—and that’s changing very rapidly.”

The market was already trending toward connectivity, but that is accelerating given the new priorities. “We’re very focused on digital solutions,” Amalfitano said. The market also expects to move toward sustainable solutions.

Along with that, attitudes have changed toward the aircraft. “It is no longer about looking at my plane. It’s about what my plane can do in terms of connecting me from my work to my home office, and from my home office.” Passengers want to be connected as they travel with fewer touchpoints, he said.

Embraer has looked at digital solutions through multiple aspects from augmented reality to aid buyers in purchase decisions to airborne connectivity for safety with better access to information in the flight deck.

He also stressed the importance of moving toward sustainability. “You’ve got to walk the talk when it comes to sustainability; we’re big advocates,” he said, pointing to the industry’s commitment to move toward net-zero emissions by 2050, along with Embraer’s own commitments. “It’s a big part of where we’re going and we need to continue to grow.”

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