Curiosity Conquers Complexity: Technological Developments in Robotics are Advancing the Aviation Industry

  • New developments in robotics will advance the aviation industry in coming years
  • The effects of this advancement is that it could allow for the creation of engines that will lessen the amount of carbon emissions, increase data, improve order fulfillment, and deeper analysis of cycle times.

Technological advancements in robotics is a new development in the aviation industry. More and more companies are investing in robotics specifically, as it will allow for higher quality, more efficient engines and similar operational mechanisms.

Additionally, it will allow for improved customer satisfaction as robotics will maximize each customer’s specific engine performance, time on wing, cycle times, and more. On top of this, analysts believe it will decrease carbon emissions and reduce energy consumption by 10%.

In turn, this will decrease turn around times and other related costs and improve overall equipment effectiveness.

“To us, it’s about transporting people reliably to their destinations and it’s about providing the care and intelligence to service aircraft engines properly.” says Aftermarket Global Operations Vice President Joe Sylvestro says.

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