Technological Challenges in Private Aviation

Key points

  • Private Aviation has taken a long time to adapt to modern technology.
  • Many Private Aviation companies don’t use technology or the internet to their advantage in their marketing or internal operations.
  • Regardless of what industry leaders are doing, Private Aviation will evolve with the use of technology, and those who don’t adapt will be left behind.
Technology will soon disrupt the Private Aviation industry

The Private Jet Clubs (PJC) team has analyzed services ranging from fractional ownership and lease programs to jet cards. While our postings have been infrequent, the PJC team has a number of working drafts concerning various trends in the private aviation industry.

One phenomenon we noted began as topical research on marketing-strategies, before developing into an insightful thesis. When our analysis team researches a service provider, we make note of the “marketing-strategy” portrayed by each company.

Not all private aviation service providers engage in active marketing campaigns. For those who did, we noticed a binary-division.

We recognize the presumption in assuming marketing is indicative of internal operations. That said, the internet is a marvelous resource. A majority of our content was found on each providers website (and vetted with various research resources).

Established companies illustrate sophistication, push partnerships with major corporations, and market the familiarity of their services.

Startup companies appeal to the modern consumer by demonstrating advanced technology, social media engagement, and unique service offerings.

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”


The most well established private aviation service, NetJets, was founded in 1964. FlexJet, another noteworthy service, was founded in 1994. While it is undeniable these companies have significant resources and market share; much of their business is moored to antiquated operating practices. This may seem a trivial issue, yet when companies operate inefficiently; they often pass the cost to their customers.

The history of private aviation is written, but there are no limitations on what is yet to come. The future depends on today, and private aviation is changing rapidly. Jet Companies that rest on their laurels will fall behind. Private aviation services that evolve with technological progression will quickly outpace those unwilling to change.

Jets of the future

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