Jet Card Prices

  • Depending on the company, prices will be determined on flight hours, mileage, or other factors
  • Generally, jet cards are bought in increments of 25 hours of flight time

For a typical 25 hour jet card on light jets, prices vary from $130,000- $170,000. One company that offers such a plan, Air Partner, prices 25 hours on a light jet for $132,500 while NetJets costs about $180,000.

On mid jets, NetJets charges about $220,000 for a 25 hour jet card on a mid jet. Comparably, Flexjet’s pricing is relatively similar to NetJets. Alternatively, Air Partner charges $177,500 for their 25 hour jetcard for their mid size.

For heavy jets, NetJets’ price is about $365,900 for 25 total hours. Sentient Jet has a differing jetcard plan, offering an hourly price of $11,009 for heavy aircraft in their unique program.

Of course, these options may be more lucrative from individual to individual based on the aircraft offered in their fleets along with available amenities. Some may find it beneficial to save money on an older model of jet or one with less perks while others may prefer having all the bells and whistles.

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