Jet Edge International

  • Jet Edge Internationals aircraft fleet
  • The AdvantEdge program
  • Jet Edges attention to safety on each flight

For over a decade, Jet Edge has been creating its own way for private Aviation. They buy, sell, operate, maintain, and charter private aircrafts. Using their combined years of charter experience, Jet Edge understands how to sell, buy, charter, operate and maintain aircrafts to optimize and revolutionize the efficiency of the company. Jet Edge has the largest fleet of Ultra Long Range aircrafts as well as Super-Mid aircrafts available for charter. Also, having the highest safety ratings available in the aviation industry helps Jet Edge customers have the confidence that their flight will be perfectly safe.  Jet Edge offers a charter membership program that gives flyers access to the best and most impressive planes available in the air, including the largest fleet of Gulfstream and Challenger jets. 

Jet Edge’s AdvantEdge aircraft management program gives flyers the ability to solve traditional challenges of jet ownership with a smarter model. This platform uses Jet Edges  revenue management, pricing, scheduling, and logistics to deliver consistent revenues to aircraft owners. Jet Edge is committed to providing the highest levels of safety on each flight, making sure each individual flight is managed under the highest safety standard available, ARG/US Platinum. Jet Edge consistently operates in the top 10 US private jet operators in hours flown while maintaining a perfect record thanks to their culture of safety. 

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