SkyNRG Americas Producing SAF

  • The plans for the worlds leader in sustainable aviation fuels
  • What it takes to be fully sustainable

SkyNRG is taking all possible measures to ensure that the production of sustainable fuels does not have negative side effects on our environment. SkyNRG is striving to improve Co2 emissions by up to 85%, particulate matter by up to 90%, and reduce sulphur emissions by 100%. Compared to jet fuel, SAF can increase energy security and bring economic development, resulting in SkyNRG becoming a leading brand in sustainable fuels for aircrafts. SkyNRG is known as the pioneer of sustainable aviation fuel, having supplied over 30 airliners on all continents.

To be truly sustainable SAF must also consider biodiversity, land use, and social impacts. SkyNRG not only takes these factors into account,  it is how they measure the success of their company. In the last 20 years SkyNRG has made note that sustainability looks different within each community and ecosystem. SkyNRG takes a data-driven approach to their SAF meaning that each feedstock for the production of SAF is held to the highest sustainability standard. SkyNRG measures success on how much their fuel reduces climate damage and greenhouse gasses, when the regional supply of aviation fuels in cleased, and when local and regional economies and strengthens. 

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