Nantucket Memorial Airport Fuel Shortage

  • How Nantucket Airport plans to obtain more fuel
  • What the fuel shortage means for commercial and private flights to ACK

During the peak week of the summer when there is the most travel, Nantucket Airport has run out of jet fuel which is heavily impacting private and commercial aircraft travel. As one of New England’s main hubs for travel, ACK is telling aircraft operators to make sure they land at the airport with a full tank of fuel due to the shortage. It is extremely difficult for Nantucket Airport to get jet fuel tankers to the island, which is becoming a logistic nightmare for ACK. On Saturday, July 31st, Nantucket Airport salvaged enough fuel for its commercial flights such as JetBlue, Delta and Southwest Airlines to make sure these thousands of passengers made it to their destinations. On Sunday, August 1st, ACK ran completely out of jet fuel but are expecting fuel to arrive by monday morning by tanker trucks. Jet fuel sales have risen up to 60% at Nantucket Memorial Airport compared to years passed, and the airport has pumped over a million gallons of jet fuel. Nantucket Memorial Airport’s fuel tank farm holds 100,000 gallons of jet fuel which is enough to cover normal traffic for about five days. The demand this summer has drained supplies to the point it was holding essentially a single day’s worth of fuel on most days in July. 

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