Magellan Jets

  • Magellan offers a wide range of aircraft available to charter, allowing any request to be appropriately met
  • The membership program allows in depth tailoring of wants and needs of the customer

One of the largest benefits of Magellan Jets is its fleet availability: everything from King Air 90s to Gulfstream G650 heavy jets are on offer with the company. Not only are there a wide variety of aircraft on offer, they also charter globally with said aircraft. Magellan also has all the bases covered when it comes to memberships, offering both personal and business options to customers. Whether chartering for a business trip or a getaway during a holiday, Magellan has coverage for both.

One issue within the industry is that finding charter flights can be a drawn out process. However, their corporate membership guarantees aircraft availability within a time window of 6 hours. There are also no peak fees or blackout dates, adding to the overall value of their model. Another plus is guaranteed Wi-Fi on all mid-size jets and up.

Magellan provides members a wide range of details about their charter requests, such as selecting an aircraft size or range of sizes and total flight time from 25 to over 200 hours. After this, members can add on additional amenities to fit any needs they require.

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