Tamarack Aerospace Active Winglets

  • How the Active Winglets technology will help make aircrafts more sustainable
  • Why the Active Winglet Technology will make your aircraft safer

Tamarack Aerospace believes that every aircraft should be more fuel efficient and sustainable for our environment. With the use of Tamarack’s Active Winglet Technology, new opportunities in safety, performance, and comfort are becoming available in the aviation industry. This patented technology can be retro-fitted onto any aircraft, or installed onto a new aircraft. The Winglets will provide up to 33% fuel savings, increase the range of your aircraft and give unparalleled stability, safety and a smoother ride for all parties involved. Using load sensors and a camber surface that can respond in fractions of a second, Tamarack Active Winglets automatically control wing bending during turbulence and high events. The Active Winglet is fully automatic, requires no pilot action, and functions autonomously from other aircraft systems.

Active Winglets help secure safety for your aircraft in multiple ways. The extra weight allowance, improved climb performance, and ride smoothing technology increases safety and passenger comfort with a noticeably more stable ride. Active Winglets come with an inclusive warranty that covers parts, installation and cosmetic considerations, giving you peace of mind regarding your investment. Tamarack’s growing fleet of Active Winglet-transformed aircraft has tens of thousands of flight hours. A pilot of any qualification can operate the Active Winglet System.

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