Private Jet buyers are going to Asia as a shortage hits the US

  • Why there is a shortage of private aircrafts in the United States
  • What Company is going to Asia to buy aircrafts and what the CEO has to say about the situation

Americans looking to purchase a private aircraft are buying Asia-based aircraft because they are considered less desired due to lack of private aviation in Asia. Jetcraft is buying aircrafts from Asia and bringing them back to the US to sell, and more aviation companies are starting to follow in Jetcrafts footsteps. Since the pandemic, more and more flyers are realizing that flying private is way more valuable and time-friendly than flying commercial and have begun to buy up private aircrafts for the return of air travel. Since there are less aircrafts available in the United States, prices are starting to sky rocket so naturally, buyers are looking elsewhere for aircrafts. 

Jetcraft has purchased four aircrafts in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Indonesia to hopefully sell to US buyers since the US has the largest market worldwide for private jets. Dan Kilkeary, Jetcraft’s senior vice president for sales in America, said “There are challenges with Asia compared to the US, They just don’t have the infrastructure like we have in the US to house the airplane.” Jetcraft, as a result, has been flying the aircraft to the US where they can be serviced by their manufacturers and be easily viewed by potential buyers.

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