Famous Athletes With Private Jets

  • The Luxurious life of the top athletes in soccer, boxing, and basketball
  • How these athletes spend their fortunes


They don’t call him Floyd “Money” Mayweather for no reason. The wealthiest athlete in all of sports loves to show off his wealth, and he did so on his 41st birthday by buying himself a brand new $60 million Gulfstream G650. This monster jet comes equipped with twin-engine technology capable of reaching speeds of 10505 km/h. With a jet named “Air Mayweather”, Floyd is always marketing himself even when he is 10,000 feet in the air. He also likes to flaunt his perfect record with ‘50-0’ painted on the tips of the wings. Having earned well over $1 Billion, the $60 million purchase for a private jet doesn’t make a dent in Floyds bank account.

The four-time NBA MVP LeBron James has achieved his billionaire fortune on and off the court. His $20 million Gulfstream G280 can hit speeds of 900 km/h and travel up to 4200 nautical miles before requiring a fuel stop. LeBron recently stared in the newest version of Space Jam, flying back and forth from his games to the movie studio on his G280. This ten seater aircraft is perfect to bring his family wherever they want to travel to.

 One of soccer’s greatest and most famous talents, Christiano Ronaldo enjoys his wealth by purchasing toys such as his Gulfstream G650 for €52 million. This super-midsize jet can fit up to 10 passengers and has three divan seats, three beds, and an onboard bathroom. Ronaldo is no stranger to the luxurious life he has been living since he was 18 and continues to be at the top of his game even at the age of 36.

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