Heavy Aircrafts

  • The Ammenities of a Heavy Aircrafts
  • Deep dive into the most popular Heavy Jets on the market
  • The incomparable leisure that comes with flying in a heavy jet


Heavy Jet aircrafts are larger aircrafts that offer more space and a more luxurious experience. These jets can hit a range of up to 7,000 nautical miles which makes them a great choice for someone looking to go across country with a larger amount of passengers. This combination of space, luxury, and efficiency the heavy jet has to offer allows for easy travel on non-stop flights in ultimate comfort and style. Heavy Jets are among the most expensive private jets for sale. Heavy Jets range from $15-$30 million on average, with new models selling at the top of the range and pre-owned Heavy Jets for sale toward the lower end.

The most popular Heavy Jets available are the Gulfstream IV, Gulfstream 500, Falcon 900 EX, Bombardier Challenger 850 and the Bombardier Global 5000. The Falcon 900 EX has the longest range, followed closely by the Gulfstream G-450. These private jets are some of the most high-end in the business jet industry, commonly used by celebrities and business executives from large corporations. The G-450 can accommodate up to 16 passengers with seats that can be turned into beds. This jet carries advantages for business travelers as well as leisure travelers. The cabin is roomy enough for two bathrooms, a full size galley, and three living rooms. 

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