Volocopter: All Electric Aviation

  • The aviation industry is making the switch to more eco friendly options
  • Volocopter brings two aircraft to the table, showing what the future of aviation can bring


The aviation industry has been making a push for environmentally friendly and sustainable options as of recent to reduce the carbon footprint of air travel. Companies such as Volocopter are making these important changes a reality. As of right now, the company has two aircraft that can house passengers, the VoloCity and the VoloConnect. The VoloCity is an “air taxi” helicopter designed to make city transportation eco-friendly while also being quick and convenient. It has 2 seats and is able to take flight using 18 rotors. It runs on 9 rechargeable batteries, diminishing the carbon footprint while also being able to reduce waste by reusing the batteries.

On the other hand, the VoloConnect is a fixed wing aircraft that flies using two propulsions fans in combination with six electric motors and rotors. With a max distance of 100km, it can easily transport 4 passengers without the use of gas like its jet counterparts. Volocopter is making huge strides for the aviation industry and gives hope for the future of environmentally friendly flying.

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