Airlines that did not survive the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Examples of Charter Airlines that went Bankrupt due to the pandemic
  • How many airports are expecting bankruptcy in Europe

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on everyday airline travel due to travel restrictions and less demand for flying. In October of 2020, 43 commercial airlines had gone bankrupt, and 193 out of the 740 airports in Europe were expecting bankruptcy. Charter airline Miami Air International filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on 24 March and ceased all operations on 8 May. It operated worldwide passenger charter flights for diverse groups including cruise operators, professional sports teams and the United States military.

Compass Airlines, a United States regional carrier that operated some flights for American Eagle and Delta Connection, permanently ceased operations on April 5, 2020, citing reduced travel demand stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, along with their ownership’s failed attempts to secure additional flying. The airline ceased operations within a week after their sister-company, Trans States Airlines, leaving GoJet Airlines as the sole airline operated by Trans States Holdings. As more and more time passes, the list of airline companies that are shutting down keeps growing. And even for airlines that are still in business, it’s not great: A recent study says that US carriers have given out $10 billion in vouchers due to the pandemic. Hopefully as the pandemic starts to wind down and people want to travel again we will see the revival of these airline companies teetering on the cusp of bankruptcy.

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