Mark L Schmaltz, President & CEO of Dreamline Aviation

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Mr. Schmaltz is President and co-founder of Dreamline Aviation.  Prior to this, he was co-founder and President of Spirit Aviation, one of the leading jet charter companies in California. Mark’s expertise in aircraft management, maintenance management, mechanical systems and charter services has made him one of the most respected leaders in business aviation.  Mr. Schmaltz is a commercially rated captain with over 8,000 flight hours.  He holds an Aeronautical Operations degree from San Jose State University.

Dreamline Aviation, California-based air charter operator and private jet management company, has earned the coveted ARGUS Platinum Rating signifying the highest level of safety practices in private aviation.

“From one end of the organization to the other we’ve built a culture of safety that drives everything we do” said Mark L. Schmaltz, Dreamline’s president. “And now that has been confirmed by the internationally recognized safety auditor, Aviation Research Group/U.S. (ARGUS).”

Dreamline manages and operates a full range of aircraft models including Gulfstream, Bombardier Challenger, Falcon Jet 900C, Learjet 60, 45, and 35A, the revolutionary new Honda Jet, and Beechcraft King Air twin-turboprops.

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