Cirrus 8000 Limited SR Series

  • The planning that went into the Limited SR Series aircraft
  • The history of the SR Series aircraft


Cirrus Aircraft has made a Limited Edition aircraft to commemorate delivering 8,000 SE Series aircrafts. The Cirrus 8000 Limited SR Series breaks the boundaries in design and avionics as well as interior design. The interior design uses an industry-first Volt wing paint job, making it hard for people not to look at this aircraft. This Volt color paint job is also on the interior, the seats are embroidered with this color as well as the door. There are only eight of this limited series aircrafts being made, making this aircraft a rare aircraft to fly on. 

The first SR Series plane was delivered in 1999, transforming private aviation for years to come. Now twenty-two years later, Cirrus pays homage to this game changing aircraft by upgrading the worlds best selling single-engine piston. The limited series aircraft was designed by Xi Design Studio which is Cirrus Aircrafts personalization team. The Limited Edition continues to expand the Xi Design Studio’s ability to incorporate luxury automobile-inspired details, handcrafted finishes and customization defined and inspired by the owner’s imagination.

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