Aerions AS2 Supersonic Jet

  • Aerions development of the AS2 Supersonic Jet
  • Companies that have already purchased orders of the AS2


The Aerion AS2 was a supersonic jet proposed by Aerion in May 2014. This 12 passenger supersonic jet could hit speeds of Mach 1.6 with a range of 4,750 nautical miles. Aerion looked to sell 300 of these supersonic jets with a price tag of $120 million each. In September 2014, Aerion partnered with supersonic experts Airbus to collaborate on the development of the AS2. Now in 2021, this aircraft is scheduled to enter service in 2023 and be certified by 2025.

In November 2015, Flexjet confirmed they were going to purchase twenty AS2s for a value of $2.4 billion. FlexJets CEO said the company would use the jets for overseas fights which do not have restrictions on sonic booms. NetJets also announced that it had purchased 20 AS2s totally over $5 billion between the two companies. This aircraft holds maximum 8-11 passengers with a max takeoff weight of 150,000 lbs. Rivals such as Boom, Spike and Exosonic are continuing work on their faster than the speed of sound aircrafts. Which company will be the first to develop an aircraft flying at speeds above Mach 1.

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