Travis Scott’s Custom Astroworld Jet

  • How Travis used this jet to promote his album
  • How much the custom paint job cost the rapper

Back in 2018, Travis Scott promoted his album with a $30,000 custom Astroworld wrap job on his private jet. This Challenger Jet was acquired from private jet company Van Nuys. The platinum rapper was promoting his album all around the world by placing massive golden Travis Scott heads in high population places such as New York City and L.A. to make people believe the album was coming soon. Once confirming the release date of August 3rd, Scott flexed his custom Astroworld Jet on social media.

The private jet itself was rented in order to fly Scott and his crew out to the Astroworld release party in Chicago. The reason his custom wrap job on his challenger jet was so expensive was because it was made from special materials that required approval of the FAA. Clearly, Travis went all out for the release of his new album, as he should. He announced the project nearly two years a go and for the amount of time that fans were anticipating it, it was well worth the wait.

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