Elon Musks Private Jet

  • Inside Elon Musks $70,000,000 private jet
  • How many miles one of the wealthiest men on earth has put on his jet


The founder of Tesla Motors and Space X, Elon Musk is one of the most wealthy people on this planet. When needing to travel all around the world, the best way to do so in a timely fashion and in style is by private jet. Elon purchased a Gulfstream G650 Extended Range in 2016 for a value of $70,000,000. This jet has a long range reach of 7,5000 nautical miles without having to make a fuel stop. This Jet is fitted with Rolls Royce BR725 engines and has a high efficiency thrust reverse system. The G650 is known as one of the fastest aircrafts in the world with a top speed of 977 km/h and has the ability to climb to an altitude of 15,545m to dodge turbulence. 

Inside the jet you will find a kitchen, toilets, meeting areas, and seats with a larger passage between them. The chairs have wide armchairs and spacious isles with 16 windows which are known to be large than any other business jet. According to the Washington Post, Elon has put over 150,000 miles on the aircraft in 2018 alone. Being the CEO of some of the largest companies in the world will have you flying all around the world quite regularly. As more and more Tesla car factories pop up around the world, Musk will be adding miles to his jet even faster.

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