Super Midsized Aircrafts

  • Dimensions of the cabin inside a Super Mid Aircraft
  • Notable Super Mid Aircrafts


Super-Midsize Jets can seat up to 9 passengers with up to 8 hours of range. The cabin height is 6 feet which is about 4 inches taller than that of the Midsize Jet. Also, the cruising speeds can get up to 600 mph but average about 500 mph. If you or any other passengers are traveling with many bags, the baggage space on this aircraft provides plenty of room to bring any luggage or sport equipment. This makes it perfect if you are traveling to a destination where you plan to adventure and do some activity.

Some notable SuperMid Aircrafts are the Hawker 1000, Challenger 300, Citation X, Falcon 50 and Embraer Legacy 450. The Hawker 1000 is the largest member of the Hawker 800 series of business jets. Its cabin is three feet longer than the Hawker 800 and features a more powerful engine. The 4000 features a composite carbon-fiber skin which saves weight and increases cabin volume. The 4000 was the last of the Hawker business jets before production stopped in 2013. The Challenger 350 is an upgrade to the successful Challenger 300. Upgrades include a new interior, larger windows, new engines producing roughly 500 additional pounds of thrust, and further advanced flight deck. A new wing incorporates a higher maximum takeoff weight and increased range of 3,200 nm.

The SuperMid sized aircraft is perfect for travelers who want luxury touches such as a roomy cabin with fully reclining seats and top-notch communications systems, but do not want the higher overhead costs of a larger jet. The jets in this category provide a comfortable working environment for passengers flying six hours or longer, and they offer much better fuel efficiency and runway performance than larger aircraft. 

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