Celera 500L: Prototype of the Future

  • The Celera 500L aims to bring private charter flights to a larger audience
  • By using less fuel per flight, the prototype reducing both the cost of flying along with carbon emissions

For the vast majority of Americans, flying privately as opposed to commercially is not financially viable. While flying private is incredibly luxurious and much less of a hassle, it is hard to justify the price of said benefits when flying commercial is drastically cheaper.

That is where the Celera 500L prototype plans to alter the market. When thinking of a typical jet the shape that comes to mind is a thin, sleek shape that appears to be designed for maximum speed and increased aerodynamics. However, the Celera 500L completely flips the script with its design. When first looking at the prototype it can easily be mistaken for a small metallic blimp. With its bloated body and rear propeller, it looks as if reaching the speeds of the jets commonly used today would be impossible. In reality it is quite the contrary; the prototype hopes to attain speeds on par with standard models. In addition to comparable speeds, the design’s biggest appeal is its fuel efficiency and vastly reduced carbon emissions. The Celera 500L boasts both 4 or more times better fuel efficiency than its competitors while also having over 30% less carbon emissions than the target standard set by the FAA and ICAO for aircraft entering service in or after 2031.

For the cherry on top, its blimp design not only cuts costs but also allows for more cabin room. With a maximum capacity of 6 passengers, the 500L allows the same space as a light or midsize jet with larger and more comfortable seats. With all this being said, the prototype promises to be an extremely beneficial contribution to the private jet industry, not only for the consumer but for the operators and the environment as well.

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