Why Is Flying Private So Expensive?

  • Maintenance, fuel, and ground services are the most common additional fees
  • Wear and tear also contributed since usage takes its toll on aircraft
Learjet corporate aircraft

In short, private jets are quite costly due to several factors. Ground services, fuel, and maintenance all contribute to overall cost. Taking off and landing also put stress on the landing gears, which must be taken into account as well. Jets, like any other vehicle, experience wear and tear with repeated use. Travelers will also need to pay the cost of labor for the pilot or pilots flying said aircraft.

Landing and handling have the potential to add an additional $2,000+ on any given trip. Airplane owners also need to insure, maintain, and fuel their respective jets. With these factored in, flight costs can be expected to elevate into the $4,000 range when everything is factored in.

The cost also depends on the type of private jet since different aircrafts differ in price and maintenance costs. A mid or super-mid size jet is expected to cost significantly more than a light jet.

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