Kanye West’s Boeing 747

  • Kanye is known for his extravagance and it extends to his aircraft
  • His 747 takes flying in comfort to a whole new levels with the amount of amenities on hand


Unlike most private jet owners, Kanye West owns a double decker Boeing 747. While this aircraft is designed to be able to accommodate over 600 passengers total, most of the space has been turned into a luxurious area with numerous amenities that turn the aircraft into a flying living space. Between the double-bed suite bedroom to the numerous guest rooms, plenty of people are still able to be accommodated on the flight. It is also filled with plenty of high quality seating and spacious lounge and living areas, as well as a full dining area to go along with it. What takes it over the top is the marble bathroom, which is very fitting considering West’s taste in decorating. There’s even enough room to exercise mid-flight, with the long aisles being used for workout sessions. To put the scale of the aircraft in perspective, Air Force One is a Boeing 747 as well. Kanye really made sure to go all out when obtaining his own aircraft.

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