Private Jets To The Big Game: Super Bowl LV

  • How COVID-19 affected Super Bowl LV
  • Private aviation during the COVID pandemic


Private aviation companies were preparing for an increase in demand for flights during the COVID-19 pandemic to the NFL Championship. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, plenty of private jets arrived for Super Bowl LV in Tampa between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Most companies have been preparing for the Super Bowl for over a year because of the influx in private jets. The FAA counted over 1,100 extra aircrafts than usual at South Florida’s airport, most likely due to the Super Bowl. Even though attendance was only ⅓ of normal capacity, the number of private aircrafts landing at FBOs in South Florida airports was more than expected during the COVID pandemic. For example, the three main airports in Tampa saw roughly 680 private jets arrive. 

Tampa International Airport alone saw 383 private jets, St Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport had 228 arrivals, while Tampa Executive Airport saw 68 landings. With all three of these airports located within 10 miles of Raymond James Stadium, this venue is perfect for private jet to utilize either of the three airports. Even during a time when the world thought private aviation would be down, private aviation still made numbers for the greatest sporting event in the world.  Comfort, and flexibility, remain important assets as well but perceived safety is what will continue driving demand for private flights to the Super Bowl.

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