Hydrogen Powered Aircrafts

  • The benefits of aircrafts being powered by hydrogen
  • The difficulties of having aircrafts be powered by hydrogen

After extensive research, Hydrogen may be a potential energy source to power future zero-emission aircrafts, but perfecting this power source will take extensive research to perfect. Some areas of concern would be storage, cost and infrastructure to the public. Hydrogen has become one of the best solutions to creating zero-emission aircrafts in order to save our planet. Since hydrogen has a density three times larger than jet fuel, aeronautical engineers will need to take the technologies available and convert them to be compatible with commercial aircraft operations by bringing the weight and cost down.  

Since there is not as much research in the use of hydrogen powered aircrafts as there are jet fuel, researchers would need to ensure than using hydrogen powered aircrafts that they can achieve the same safety standards all while giving zero emissions. Companies take pride in their safety records and want to ensure they can help the environment while making sure their customers and pilots feel safe in hydrogen powered aircrafts. Future hydrogen-propulsion systems will thus need to achieve equivalent or better safety levels before hydrogen-powered aircraft can fly. It will take years before hydrogen powered aircrafts will be a norm, but when they become normal the zero-emissions will help our atmosphere heal again. 

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