American Aero FTW

  • The American Aero FBO at the Fort Worth Meacham International Airport has not been around as long as other FBOs in the US, but has certainly proved its worth
  • The FBO prides itself on safety and customer satisfaction

The American Aero FBO at the Fort Worth Meacham International Airport has only been in service since 2012; however it has already garnered favor from the AIN FBO Survey. Beginning in 2017, American Aero established a permanent base of operations. Every year since, it has been in the top 5% of the survey and it topped the ranks in 2021. Safety has been at its forefront from the start, with it being the first FBO to attain Stage 1 & 3 registration status under the International Standard for Business Aviation Handling (IS-BAH).

Their staff also undergoes top tier training in order to provide their clients with the best experience possible. Their customer service employees are trained the same way that employees at the Ritz-Carlton are, ensuring high class performance. They ensure that any need or request given by the client is handled with utmost care.

The FBO building and area are also top tier. They currently possess a 34 acre lease at the airport, with plans of adding an additional 70,000 square feet to house as many aircraft as possible. Along with this, their terminal include tinting windows to shield from the harsh sunlight in Texas, sound dampening walls to reduce the sound of aircraft operation, and even a conference room.

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