NAA Cross Country Electric Aircraft Race

  • How many miles this race will be
  • where in the United States the race will start and end
  • Why the National Aeronautic Association thinks this race is important to aviation

The National Aeronautic Association (NAA) has announced that they plan to hold a cross-country air race for electronic aircrafts. This race would be 1,000 nautical miles and be a resumption of the Pulitzer air races first held in the 1920s, with the winner being awarded the Pulitzer Trophy. This race, scheduled for May 16-19 2022, will start in Omaha, Nebraska, and the finish line will be in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

“The cross-country format, rather than a closed-circuit speed event, was selected to emphasize electric aircraft range and reliability, in addition to speed, in a realistic operating environment,” NAA said. “A cross-country race will require careful logistical planning from the race teams and highlight different electric propulsion technology choices and operational strategies such as rapid battery charging, whole battery changes, and solar power augmentation to extend range.”

The NAA says the new race will be open to piloted aircraft of all types using zero-emission electric propulsion, including fixed-wing airplanes, helicopters or multirotor urban air mobility vehicles. This way any designs and innovations towards electric aviation will be fair game in having a chance to show the world what kind of aircrafts are being developed. 

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