Spain to Airlift 500 Spanish and Afghan Staff From Kabul Airport

  • Who the Spanish Embassy is airlifting out of Kabul
  • How many aircrafts have started the trek to Kabul

Spain is planning to airlift around 500 people including Spanish embassy staff and Afghans who worked with them and their families from Kabul. The first Spanish military plane landed at Kabul airport late on Wednesday morning, according to the Spanish Foreign Ministry. The Afghan citizens the Spanish Embassy is picking up are allowed to bring their spouses, children and other close family with them. Officials from the foreign and defence ministries declined to confirm the number of people to be evacuated from Kabul. 

The first aircraft took off Wednesday morning from Dubai and another aircraft is currently in Dubai as well as a third aircraft equipped with medical equipment is on its way. France, Germany and Britain have already begun evacuating residents and local contractors after Taliban militants seized control of Afghanistan from the government at the weekend. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez offered on Tuesday to create a hub for the hundreds of Afghan refugees to be airlifted out of Kabul to the European Union but did not give details.

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