New ‘Checkmate’ Sukhoi Fighter Design

  • When and where this fighter jet was unveiled
  • When this aircraft is expected to make its first flight

Rostec and its United Aircraft Corporation division have unveiled a newer, light weight fighter design at the MAKS 2021 airshow held at Zhukovsky in Moscow. The working name for the aircraft is the LTS “Checkmate” and is a product of the Sukhoi design. This aircraft is a complete upgrade from the earlier versions of the Su-57 jet, this aircraft will be powered by one of the larger aircrafts two 5th-generation izdeliye 30 engines. This engine can produce 24,000 pounds of thrust and 39,000 pounds using the afterburners. Also, an automatic logistics system that goes by the name “Matryoska” will be used, and will also feature an all open-architecture and makes use of diagnostics systems that are mostly on-board.

This aircraft will have the ability to use missiles and can hold a maximum weapons load of 16,300 lbs. Both the OAK and Sukhoi officials state that the airplane should make a first flight in two years and that series production could begin in as soon as four, although most experienced observers state that 5-7 years is a more realistic. If the Russian Navy decides not to use the fighter jet, it could still see service within the Russian Air Force. Flying at high altitudes improves jet engines’ fuel efficiency, because of the lower temperature and density of the air. The Checkmate is a small plane and likely does not have a large fuel supply, so operation at higher altitudes could be a necessity to use the plane in the most efficient way possible as the Checkmate is perfect for stealthy flights at low altitudes. This stealth aircraft has an angular ruddervator feature which is normal for smaller radar cross-signatures.

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