Private Airplane Charter

  • Typically, there are six different aircraft sizes available for private airplane charter; turboprops aircraft, light jets, midsize jets, super midsize jets, heavy jets, and airliners
  • Depending on flight distance and passenger count, each aircraft serves its respective purpose

If you are looking for an economical aircraft option for shorter flights, Propeller Aircraft (also known as Turboprops) are the best and most convenient option. They are able to take off on shorter runways, making more airports available for usage. These aircraft can reach cruise speeds of 300 knots with a range of around 1,200 miles. This brings the average flight time to about 3-4 hours total.

Light jets are also a great choice for short to mid-range flights while also providing the amenities of a jet aircraft. Typical cruise speeds average at about 400 knots and they can fly without a fuel stop for around 1700 miles or around 3-4 hours. While Turboprops may be more economical, light jets are able to go further faster making them more efficient.

Midsize jets are most popular among private flyers. They are able to provide cost effective options for up to 4 hours of flying at a max range of approximately 3,000 miles. In addition, midsize jets typically seat 8 people allowing larger groups to be transported.

Super Midsize Jet aircraft offer similar size, comfort, and performance compared to midsize jets, but have the capability to fly further. These are most convenient when taking a longer range flight (up to 4,000 miles or 7 hours) with up to 8 passengers.

Heavy Jets tend to have large cabins seating up to 13 passengers and are mostly used for ultra-long range flights (over 4,000 miles or 10+ hours). These aircraft can also include converted VIP airliners, some of the best aircrafts available for chartering. Airliners can also be chartered for private flights. This is mostly to rid customers of the hassle of transporting large numbers of clients and employees through public airport terminals. Convenience is key when flying private airliners.

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