The Super Sleek Valkyrie

  • The company that manufactures the Valkyrie
  • The size and speed of the aircraft
  • What company took over production when Cobalt stoped


The single engine, five seat aircraft, Cobalt Co50 Valkarie, is a super sleep personal aircraft intended for private ownership. This aircraft was initially being developed by Cobalt Aircraft but halted operations in 2018 and is currently being developed by Centauri Aircraft Company. The design of this aircraft includes retractable landing gear, a pusher engine configuration, and automatic air brakes as well as a ballistic parachute. Centauri Aircraft Company has declined making public the amount of Valkaries that are completed,  but we can speculate that there are at least two of these aircrafts as there were two Co50s registered with the FAA in 2020.

During testing, the second prototype of the Co50 crashed due to a loss of aileron effectiveness in flight. The pilot was landing the aircraft and the aircraft impacted the ground damaging the wing, the pilot left the aircraft with no injuries. This aircraft holds 3 to 4 passengers with a max takeoff weight of 3,417 lbs. Also, This aircraft can reach speeds of 290 mph with a range of 1,434 nautical miles before needing a fuel stop. In the cockpit of the aircraft is also a Garmin G3X touch screen avionics system. The engine is a single TSIOF-550-D2B twin turbo piston engine that generates upwards of 350 hp.

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