LaMelo Ball Rides in Style to watch His Brothers Summer League Game

  • Which companies private jet LaMelo took a ride in
  • What’s in store for the Charlotte Hornets this upcoming NBA Season

LaMelo Ball arrived in Pumas private jet to Las Vegas to support his brother, LiAngelo, in the Charlotte Hornets summer league game. As a Puma brand athlete, one major perk of being signed by the brand is being gifted some major perks like rides in a custom private jet. LiAngelo’s dad, the famous Lavar Ball, also showed up to egg him on. Given all the publicity LaMelo got last year, LiAngelo is gaining all the attention during the NBA Summer League. The 2020 NBA Rookie of the Year was also wearing his signature shoe, the MB1, courtside at the game. LaMelo came into the league with lot of buzz around him to become a superstar play and he certainly has backed it up, leading the Hornets to the Play-In tournament last season. Now with the addition of his brother LiAngelo as well as three other players in the 2021 NBA Draft, we hope to see the Hornets make another playoff push this upcoming season. 

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