A Look Inside Drake’s Boeing 737

  • Ins and outs of Drakes Boeing 757
  • Drake becomes the ambassador for CargoJet


When you’re one of the most famous celebrities on the planet and are in high demand to be on tour all around the world, the best solution is the fly by private jet from city to city. Canadian rapper Drake wanted to take this up a notch by purchasing his own custom “Air DrakeBoeing 757-200 with a complete customization to it. This $200 Million jet has leather reclining seats, wide screen TVs, multiple bedrooms, a private living room, and carpeted floors. This jet is so big that it can hold about 30 people, but Drake wants all that room to himself.

The cabin is a mix of smooth gold and wood surfaces, with carpet and furniture in either beige or a light purple color. On the exterior, the aircraft is a shade of baby blue, with “Air Drake” written on the engines, and an owl on the front door signifying his record label “OvO” or Octobers Very Own. The owner of CargoJet, Ajay Virmani is excited to work with Drake saying “We have had a lengthy relationship with Drake and this partnership has grown organically between both parties. Cargojet and Drake are both great Canadian successes, we are thrilled to be partnering together.” When youre one of the most decorated hip hop artists in history, it almost seems fitting for Drake to make this outrageous purchase of a Boeing 757.

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