• Throughout its years of existence, Victor has a network of 200+ operators they conduct charter flights through
  • Their strict safety guidelines ensure maximum safety for their clientele

Within its network, Victor has compiled 200+ operators whom they partner with, thus allowing them to offer their clients a wide range of aircraft for both national and international flights. To ensure the safety and wellbeing of their clients, Victor has made it mandatory that all of the company’s partner operators must abide by ISO-9001 standards. This is then relayed to their clients, ensuring that those flying are aware that the aircraft as well as the aircrew are in compliance with their standards

Like many other companies, Victor offers empty leg flights, providing the possibility of vastly reduced pricing on select flights. Not only do empty leg flights benefit everyone involved in the transaction, but the environmental impact is lessened as well. Instead of aircraft being empty when repositioning for another flight, it is used for another charter instead. Thus, the wastefulness of flying without passengers is nullified; the flight served other clients as well as Victor.

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