Pensacola FL Aircraft Crash 7/29/21

  • An airplane with 3 passengers crash landed in front of the Blue Angels Elementary School in Pensacola, FL this Thursday
  • All passengers survived and were rushed to the hospital
  • US Navy students were able to help rescue the passengers from the wreck

Yesterday, a family of three onboard their small aircraft crashed in the afternoon in Pensacola. The aircraft reportedly lost power and attempted to make an emergency landing. The pilot, Philip Keever, had a power outage soon after taking off in his single engine Ryan Navion 881AT. Generally, these aircraft have a 3 passenger capacity with a range between 500-600 miles. The emergency landing was attempted at the track at the Blue Angels Elementary School. However, the plane instead only made it to the front of the school, hitting and gate and coming to a stop less than 100 feet from the front entrance of the school building. It had already been engulfed in flames before coming to a complete stop. Along with Philip, Tiffany Keever and their nephew Noah Vegas were all rushed to the hospital and have been there since due to their extensive injuries. The FAA as well as the NTSB are leading the investigation on how the crash occurred. Luckily, nearby US Navy students happened to be passing by when the aircraft went down. They rushed to the scene and assisted in rescuing the passengers from the wreckage. The aircraft was manufactured in 1950 according to the registry from the FAA.

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