What Net-Worth Makes Flying Private Viable?

  • No one but billionaires should be buying a private jet for themselves, it’s simply not affordable
  • The cheaper alternative is to go the private charter route where you pay more per hour for more established routes
  • The cost to fly private per person regularly costs 10X the cost of flying commercial economy

Nobody in this world should be buying a private jet to keep for themselves unless you’re a billionaire of course. Which brings me to this point: to comfortably afford flying private, your household needs to earn at least $680,000 a year. We can round up the minimum income necessary to fly private to $1,000,000. As for how much of a net worth you need to fly private, a minimum net worth of $25+ million is suggested. With that type of money booking a $30,000 round trip to a place that’s two hours away should be digestible. If you have a $25+ million net worth and earn at least $680,000 a year in active income flying private should be easy. On the other hand if you’re only flying private once every several years or so, you can certainly make much less and have a lower net worth. But to even fly private once in a blue moon, I think it’s safe to say that person should have a net worth in the higher millions.

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