Business Class vs Private Business Flight

  • The difference between business class and a private business flight
  • On board differences between the two types of flights


When flying commercial, there is an option to fly business class which requires a more expensive ticket but comes with more luxurious amenities than just a regular commercial flight ticket. The differences you find in these two types of flights start with the airport, before you even get aboard your plane. When taking a private jet, a lot of times you will have a black luxury vehicle pick you up and bring you to your desired FBO. Once your through security, which takes less than twenty minutes to get through, you sit and wait until your private jet has arrived and then the boarding process begins. Once on the flight, you have special access to bathrooms, televisions, and even bedrooms on some private jets. On a private jet, the seats are laid out in lounge arrangement meaning that the seats give you optimal leg room and you are not crammed within inches of a random person like on commercial flights. 

Although it may seem like most of the luxurious amenities are given to you on a business class flight, it’s just not the same as flying in a private jet. Having the whole aircraft to yourself and your peers is something you can not get on a commercial flight no matter how much money you spend on your ticket. Everything from before you get to the airport from after your aircraft lands is incomparable when flying privately.

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