Top 5 Smallest Airports in the World

  • Runway Distances of each airport
  • Where in the world each airport is located
  • What these airports are used for


While some airports are known for their massive size, some are also famous around the world for being the smallest airports in the world. Barra Airport in Scotland is served by Flybe and has three runways, the shortest being just 680 meters long, as one the being only beach runway in the world. Even though this airport is small, Barra offers car rentals, parking, and public transportation services to your destination. Timing is critical at this airport because it is only open for 2.5 hours a day Monday through Saturday. Located in Laos and serviced by Lao Airlines, Bangkok Airlines, Vietnam Airlines and Tonlesap Airlines, Luang Prabang Airport features just one runway that is shared by these airlines.

Juancho E Yrausquin Airport is a small Dutch island off Saba in the Caribbean that features one runway which is known as the shortest commercial runway in the world. The runway is so small that pilots fear they might overshoot the runway. Moshoeshoe International Airport in the Kingdom of Lesotho has two runways strictly used by Mission Aviation Fellowship and South African Airways. The airport sits at about 5,000 ft in elevation, with the two runways coming in at about 3,000 feet long. Morgantown Municipal Airport serves just one commercial airline that connects to Washington Dulles International Airport. MGW offers daily flights to areas in Pennsylvania,  accessing nearly 1,000 connecting flights to domestic or international airports. Morgantown offers free parking, free wifi, car rental, fuel, and aircraft de-icing capabilities. 

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