Sports Teams With Private Jets

  • The top sports teams with private jets
  • What kind of private jets these teams fly on


Every sports team has to travel across the country multiple times a month in order to play their games. Some teams choose to do this in style with a private jet. Some of the top individual athletes in the world such as Lebron James who owns a Gulfstream G280 or Michael Jordan who owns a Gulfstream G-IV have the wealth to afford a private jet for themselves. When it comes to franchises, how could a team like the New York Jets not travel in a private jet? The Jets travel in a Boeing 767 which features seats that are spread out so each player has plenty of leg room. This Jet has a wingspan of 156 feet and a length of 159 feet and is powered by 2 x JT9D engines.

The next notable team private jet goes to the most winning football team in history, the New England Patriots having won six super bowls in the last 20 years. Most sports teams own one Boeing 767, but the New England Patriots own two 767s. These jets include seat space and soft reclining seats that include their own entertainment system. To stay on the topic of New England sports, the Boston Red Sox, own a Boeing 777 which is known for their spaciousness and luxury. The Red Sox first used this jet when they flew to London to play the New York Yankees in London, England. Given how much revenue these teams bring in, and how much they fly during their regular seasons for game, it is no surprise that these teams like to fly in style.

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