Jeff Bezos Gulfstream G650ER

  • What the worlds richest man uses his private jets for
  • How many private jets Bezos owns

The CEO of Amazon and the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, owns his very own Gulfstream G650ER which he uses to fly to meetings all around the world. Jeffs first aircraft was the  Dassault Falcon 900-EX, which he eventually sold in 2015 to purchase his Gulfstream which has a range of 13,900 kilometers without needing a fuel stop, perfect for cross globe travel. Now in 2021 Bezos owns Gulfstream jets, which combined cost him about $70 million each. 

Each jet comes with an interior that Bezos has invested around $5 million to each in order to make them look and feel more classy, why wouldn’t you when you have $200 billion in the bank? These upgrades include handmade leather for the seats to make the jet feel like a luxury hotel. The ER at the end of Gulfstream G650ER stands for Extended Range, meaning the Bezos jet is made to travel across the globe. Although most of the wealthiest people in the world have private jets, Jeff Bezos G650ER goes above and beyond what luxury can offer, the same applies to how Jeff runs Amazon, always going above and beyond for the customer. 

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