Wheels Up Experience Inc Stock UPDATE

  • Update on the Wheels Up stock using the ticker $UP
  • Whether or not you should buy/sell Wheels Up Experience Inc stock
  • How Wheels Up has put over 15,000 hours on their N900UP aircraft


As of August 30th, Wheels Up Experience Inc using the ticker $UP has hit an all time low of $6.67, having them down over 15% in the past month. Investors are hurting big with this stock being down. As the first private aviation company on the New York Stock Exchange, Wheels Up looks to push private aviation to the next level and expand their market to millions of customers. Investors are now questioning if Wheels Up can hit their target stock price that they were promising to hit, and are starting to sell the stock at a loss.

In the last five days $UP has has been hovering right under $7.00, but Today, Monday, August 30th, the stock has decreased in value by over 40 cents a share. If this trend keeps happening, we may see Wheels Up Experience keep decreasing in value as shareholders start to sell their shares.


This photo obtained by Privatejetsclub.com shows the lease agreement between Wheels Up Partners LLC and Textron Financial Corporation for N900UP in December of 2019. You can track this aircrafts activities by clicking here. As of December 29th, 2019, this aircraft had 15192.5  total hours on it. Private Jet Clubs has predicted the current hours on this aircraft is north of 19,000. After 21 long years, this tired Citation X (N900UP) is still flying to this day for Wheels Up according to Flight Aware, a digital aviation company that operates the world’s largest flight tracking and data platform. These factors should be considered whether purchasing an aircraft, investing in stock or flying with an aircraft provider, such as the well-known ones like NetJets or WheelsUp.

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