Jim Carreys Private Jet

  • What kind of Jet Jim Carrey owns
  • The Awards Carrey has won and been nominated for

One of the greatest comedians and actors, Jim Carrey has purchased a $59 million luxurious Gulfstream V. The G-V is known as one of the highest performing and safest private jets in the world, capable of achieving speeds near the speed of sound. Able to sit 16 people comfortably, this Gulfstream has plenty of space for Carrey and his friends or family. Since there is only about 100 Gulfstream Vs in service today, being an owner of one, such as Jim Carrey, is an exclusive group. Carrey is no stranger to being in an exclusive group, being nominated for 7 Golden Globe Awards, and winning 2 of them, as well as 25 nominations for MTV Movie Awards and winning 11 of them. The success of this comedian and actor that Carrey has earned comes with no surprise that he purchased his very own private jet.  

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