Collins Aerospace Has Signed an Agreement to Acquire FlightAware

  • Details on the agreement between the two companies
  • A word from a member of Collins Aerospace as well as FlightAwares CEO

Collins Aerospace has signed an agreement to acquire FlightAware, a digital aviation company providing global flight tracking solutions, predictive technology, analytics, and decision-making tools. Financial terms have not been disclosed. Closure of the acquisition is subject to the completion of customary conditioners and regulatory approvals. Following closing, FlightAware will join Collins’ Information Management Services portfolio within the company’s Avionics strategic business unit. FlightAware, which was founded in 2005, uses data from air traffic control systems and its own monitoring stations to provide global flight-tracking data, according to its website.

Dave Nieuwsma, Collins Aerospace’s head of Avionics said, “Global connectivity now shapes and impacts every segment of aviation. FlightAware is the recognized leader in data collection, analytics and customer experience, which will help Collins unlock the full power of the connected ecosystem for our customers, FlightAware’s flight tracking and data platform, the largest in the world, has the potential to deliver new capabilities and innovations across our entire business.”

Daniel Baker, CEO of FlightAware said “The world’s aerospace companies and aircraft operators are looking to digital aviation to provide the next revolution in aviation efficiency and reliability, and we are excited to join Collins Aerospace and Raytheon Technologies at this pivotal time to continue to lead that revolution at an even broader scale.”

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