“Alpha Electro” Electric Aircraft

  • How this electric aircraft is changing the private aviation game
  • The ins and outs of the “Alpha Electro” aircraft

This electric aircraft is a 2-seater with performance tailored to the needs of flight schools. The take off distance is short so the aircraft can take off on any size TARMAC. Also, the Alpha Electro is optimized for traffic-pattern operations, where up to 13% of energy is recuperated on every approach, increasing operations range and at the same time enabling short-field landings. As fuel costs get more expensive as time goes on, the use of electric aircrafts is going to become more valuable for private aviation and for our environment

This aircraft will help training school be more affordable and being able to conduct training on smaller airfields with 0 carbon emissions is something that we never could have thought of being possible. Pipistrel is constantly working with the FAA to approve an exemption to allow pilot training operations and the application for the EASA type certification has been put into order. This aircraft has been designed to be lighter and more efficient than ever before. This aircraft is equipped with a 60+ kW electric motor that only weighs 20kg and is designed to be able to be replaced within minutes or fully charged in less than an hour.  

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