Diddys Private Jet “Combs Air”

  • Inside look at Diddys Private Jet
  • What Companys the Business Man has been working with as he steps away from rapping for the time being

Diddy is one of the most powerful men in business, becoming an executive in recent years and as he continues to build new platforms to promote hip-hop culture, focusing mainly on his Revolt Network, Diddy has amassed millions of dollars in his lifetime. Ahead of his arrival in Atlanta, Georgia, Diddy took fans on a behind-the-scenes look at his luxurious life, showing off his private jet. During the video, Diddy gave a glimpse of the cars he pulled up to the private airport in. The rapper made it a point to mention that he only uses Black pilots as he walked passed the aircrafts welcome mat, saying “Combs Air”. Once he was onboard, Diddy showed off the amazing fruit platters that were organized for him, as well as a candy bar if he had a sweet tooth that evening. 

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