Saturn Aviation

  • Wheels up stock cannot catch a break

Wheels Up launched as publicly traded stock just over a year ago. Based on a quick glance at their stock price you can make the assumption that things may not be going as planned.

After today the stock has dropped to a low price of a dollar and eighty-three cents. This may have stock owners a little hesitant when it comes to whether or not they would say they are happy with their investment.

Is the stock price this low because customers are not happy with aircraft not showing up, the high pricing, or maybe the rumors of Wheels Up aircraft not being safe when it comes to their equipment or their pilots who are still in training.

These are things that we just can’t control and hopefully Wheels Up has a plan put together to help build back up their stock price. Investors of Wheels Up are looking for solutions and Private Jet Clubs will be here to cover it.

Disclaimer: PJC is not financial advisors. Do not take anything on Private Jet Clubs as financial advice, ever. Do your own research. Consult a professional investment advisor before making any investment decisions!

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