Set Jet

  • Set Jet offers a low monthly payment alongside its low flight prices
  • As of right now, the main routes on offer include four states and Mexico
  • Their main aircraft is the Bombardier Challenger 850

Set Jet is a relatively new private charter company poised on making flying private affordable to a wider audience. Besides a one-time $100 security fee, monthly memberships are $100. In terms of flight prices, west coast domestic flights average $450-$500. The company offers the following cities: San Francisco, LA, Orange County, San Diego, Aspen, Las Vegas and Scottsdale. In addition to the west coast Set Jet also offers flights to Cabo San Lucas, averaging $1,000-$1,700.

Primarily using a Bombardier Challenger 850, Set Jet is still able to make a profit, even if only one passenger takes the jet meant for around 19 people. How you might ask: thousands of memberships along with keeping prices down on maintenance. By having numerous members, flights are frequent and keep revenue flowing. In terms of keeping maintenance down, they have found a loophole when ordering parts. Instead of ordering parts and telling them they are for the 850, they say they are for a different plane. The only difference between the parts is the part number; this decreases the cost substantially.

As stated before, Set Jet primarily operates within the west coast. However, they are looking to extend to the Texas area as well as the Northeast in the near future. Since clients will be going across the country on these flights, expect membership prices to be bumped up to accommodate the longer flight times.

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