Discovery Jets

  • Discovery Jets core values to success as a company
  • Discovery Jets pilot experience

Discovery Jets is a jet management company founded in 2016, looking to be a different type of jet management company than their competitors. The core values Discovery Jets stresses are most important in becoming a Jet Management Company of the future are being professional, being experienced in aviation, and having the knowledge of private aviation. Since the beginning, Discovery Jets has been recruiting the best in each of these three categories to stay true to their core values. 

Each pilot is very experienced with flying, having over 9,000 hours of total flying experience for each pilot which helps Discovery Jets maintain a safety standard and having their customers know they are in good hands on each flight. Discovery Jets has direct contact to aircraft manufacturers to organize aircraft appraisals and arrange aircraft inspections as well as arrange for exterior respray or interior refurbishment of existing or newly acquired aircraft which are conducted and completed with the best of finishes.

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