• Vistajet has a truly global fleet, reach over 100 countries worldwide
  • Members can expect to never have to pay for positioning fees

VistaJet has a truly unique offering within the private jet charter world, with the only fleet that offers global services. Plenty of other companies charter flights around the globe, but VistaJet does it with their own personal fleet. This can help ensure that their aircraft are in tip top shape since any technical issue will be their direct problem.

With VistaJet, aircraft positioning fees are a thing of the past; their members do not have to pay for any repositioning fees, bringing a lucrative incentive to their membership. Their fleet totals 70 Global as well as Challenger jets whose reach extends to 187 international countries.

As previously mentioned, VistaJet is under the umbrella of Vista Group, which also owns XO, and although they are no longer necessarily competitors, they remain two separate entities.

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