GE Aviation Aircraft Engines

  • Who GE Aviation’s competitors are in aviation engine manufacturing
  • What company GE Aviation purchased
  • GE Aviations plans for the future of aviation

GE Aviation is a company inside of General Electric that works specifically on aircraft engines for most of the commercial aircrafts flying today. GE Aviation is part of the big three in private aviation engines, Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney are GE Aviation’s main competitors. GE Aviation’s TF39 was the first turbofan engine to enter production. This engine was used in the C-5 Galaxy in 1964 and GE was selected as the winning engine for the aircraft. In 2017, General Electric purchased Smiths Aerospace which included opening the first University Development Center at Michigan Technological University to work with engineering students to provide training in engineering and software. This $4.8 billion deal made Smiths Aerospace to become an operating subsidiary of GE Aviation known as GE Aviation Systems. 

GE Aviation invested $4.3 Billion to build a next-gen jet engine. This Engine going by the name GE9x is being developed for Boeing 777X aircraft which will be more powerful than America’s first space rocket. The company has received about 700 orders for this engine, which will include  3D printed parts as well as the latest composite materials. To make sure production will be at an all time high during the times of producing the engine of the future, General Electric invested over $1 billion to another facility to keep up with new business. GE Aviation continues to increase the power of aircraft engines and are creating the future of aviation. 

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